360º Video Livestream

Be there when it happens

Broadcast your event live on the web in 360º

Go for the wider audience, provide a new experience to users with 360º video live broadcast.

Live Events & Concerts

There are moments that you can only live once. Unfortunately tickets are out and you're too far away to go there. So be virtually there. Share your event live in 360º to everyone, and even VIP areas. Getting wider audiences, usually means getting better deals with your sponsors and partners.

Business Conferences

There are too many business style events to describe them, but there is one way to teleport your event to all your business associates, partners, collaborators and future clients.


Watch the match in realtime, follow results while is still running. Get to know how your team is organized while TV cameras are pointing somewhere else, access restrict areas. You are the director of your own game.

TV Shows & Journalism

Why not add another dimension to a special TV broadcast, making spectators part of the show or the action.