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360º Digital Post Production

Why it's important

Color grading

Professional footage does not come straight out of the camera as you are accustomed to see in professional projects. In fact the best and expensive cameras create images to work on with a color flat profile. The color dimension is all about sensitivity which defines the difference between amateur and professional grade footage.

Parallax and Stitching

So far there isn't a single 360º camera without parallax stitching problems. The best 360º producers are also fluent in taking care of those problems so you never know that they were there in first place.

360º Stabilization

This process is always thought before the day of the shoot, but there are situations that demand digital post production stabilization, to avoid the user being lost or having motion sickness when using a VR headset.

Panoramic image Digital Retouching

There are always objects that need to be removed from the original 360º footage. Moreover it's like working with a frameless canvas, there's is no beginning and no end to these images. Distortion and perspectives are just off the chart. It takes a specialized 360º digital professional to work around these issues and make your images shine with pride.